Early Modern Studies Journal (EMSJ) formerly Early English Studies (EES) is an online journal under the auspices of the University of Texas, Arlington English Department and is devoted to literary and cultural topics of study in early modern period. EMSJ is an annual peer-reviewed journal. This volume is entitled “Celebrating Ten Years of the Early Modern Recipe Online Collective,” co-edited by Hillary M. Nunn and Amy L. Tigner. Our next volume is entitled “Parts and Pieces, or Tidbits, Things that are Reused or Recycled” and will appear in Spring of 2024.


Volume 8 : Celebrating Ten Years of the Early Modern Recipe Online Collective | 2022


Introduction to Volume 8, “Celebrating Ten Years of the Early Modern Recipes Online Collective” | Abstract

Reconstructing Recipes, Recovering Losses, Telling Stories | Abstract

Transcribing Recipe Manuscripts Online: V.b. 380 and the “What’s in a Recipe?” Undergraduate Research Project at Penn State Abington | Abstract

Preserving the Last Sturgeon: Appetites for Sustainability in Seventeenth-Century Recipe Books | Abstract

Preserving the Spirit of Antony and Cleopatra | Abstract

“Here begins the good”: A Woman on the Edge of Medical Practice | Abstract

Multilingual Pasts and Futures: Recipes Across Languages | Abstract

An EMROC Satellite: An Institution-Specific, Interdisciplinary Approach to Transcribing Early Modern Manuscript Recipes | Abstract

Top Tips from Early Modern Women: Examining Medical Cures in Two Recipe Manuscripts from the Royal College of Physicians and the Wellcome Collection | Abstract