Volume 6
Women’s Writing | Women’s Work in Early Modernity

Book & Performance Reviews

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Herbert, Amanda E. Female Alliances: Gender, Identity, and Friendship in Early Modern Britain. New Haven, CT and London: Yale University Press, 2014. 272 pp. $55.00.

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Edith Snook. Women, Beauty and Power in Early Modern England: A Feminist Literary History. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011. 208 pp. $77.73.

Performance Review | Moll Cutpurse. Victorian Drag King: Jo Davies’s “The Roaring Girl”

Performance Review | Uncomplicated Desire: Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s “The Two Noble Kinsmen”

Performance Review | True Crime Voyeurs: “Arden of Faversham” at the RSC