Volume 8
Celebrating Ten Years of the Early Modern Recipe Online Collective


Introduction to Volume 8, “Celebrating Ten Years of the Early Modern Recipes Online Collective” | Abstract

Reconstructing Recipes, Recovering Losses, Telling Stories | Abstract

Transcribing Recipe Manuscripts Online: V.b. 380 and the “What’s in a Recipe?” Undergraduate Research Project at Penn State Abington | Abstract

Preserving the Last Sturgeon: Appetites for Sustainability in Seventeenth-Century Recipe Books | Abstract

Preserving the Spirit of Antony and Cleopatra | Abstract

“Here begins the good”: A Woman on the Edge of Medical Practice | Abstract

Multilingual Pasts and Futures: Recipes Across Languages | Abstract

An EMROC Satellite: An Institution-Specific, Interdisciplinary Approach to Transcribing Early Modern Manuscript Recipes | Abstract

Top Tips from Early Modern Women: Examining Medical Cures in Two Recipe Manuscripts from the Royal College of Physicians and the Wellcome Collection | Abstract